Halloween Inspired Makeup Ideas You’ll Want To Try

Halloween is upon us and you can get inspired from these talented Instagrammers who are creating beautiful and equally terrifying Halloween makeovers.

From the mesmerizing Cleopatra to futuristic robot and zombie, there’s a wealth of inspiration here to sink your teeth into.


@joleanmua did the perfect Cleopatra Halloween makeup using BH Cosmetics.


@dsyeshas created a zombie using fake blood, colored lenses, and highlight and contour from Mac cosmetics.



@ariellemonai takes us to the future with this robot/cyborg/futuristic/TRON-esque inspired Halloween look.


@khloedosh transforms into a fierce lion using regular skinny bobby pins for whiskers, tissue, flour, and glue for a DIY prosthetic.


A pumpkin face inspired Halloween look by @joleanmua.



If you’re asking how @sieeta.guya got a soda can stuck in her eyeball we’ll let her explain how she created this look: “I put the can to my eye & traced around it with white eyeliner to get the shape I’d need. I then covered the shape with liquid latex so the cotton would have something to stick onto. After applying the cotton I placed the can & applied another layer of liquid latex so it would have a firm hold. I’m so impatient when it comes to letting the latex dry so I always use a blow dryer on the lowest temperature to speed up the drying process. Once the latex was dry, I added two coats of my foundation around the can as well as the cotton so it would be my skin tone. I used my Anastasia modern renaissance palette to add dark browns & like a burgundy color around the can to give the bruise effect. Once I was finished with that, I added lots of blood & let some drip down my face so it looked like the can was shoved directly in my eye.”


@Pamella created her own version of ‘Alice in Wonderland.’


@fabulousfashionistamua gives us something we haven’t seen before: ‘The anatomy of my face’ is her latest Halloween makeover.

Marcelle Hutchins
Marcelle Hutchins


Marcelle Hutchins is a contributor of BeyondClassicallyBeautiful.com.

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