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I’m 23-years-old. I’m a college graduate. I’m going to work for the Department of Corrections, so right now I’m just working temporary jobs just to support me until I go and finish that process. I’ve been studying criminal justice pretty much since I was 14. I studied pre-law first then I went to paralegal studies. I go to John Jay currently. I study criminal justice and law in society, so it’s a lot of philosophy and just how the average human lives in the world today, modern society.


kia-lowrie-2I Do This For My Brothers

I have five brothers and black men in today’s society, they don’t really get the justice that they deserve, and a lot of my brothers weren’t even able to work for a while. They weren’t able to progress in society because they have cases where they were accused of this or that. Pretty much they have public defenders who push around paper work and it stops you. They pull up your paperwork and it stops you from getting employment. So what can my brothers do? They resort to the streets, they don’t have any way to get an income, they have nothing positive in their lives to motivate them to get out in the world and be somebody. So when I see stuff like that going on I think, how can I make a difference in my family, and how can I also integrate that into society.   If I can’t start with the people that I love I feel like I’m not really making that big of a difference. I have people in my life that I see going through a struggle with the criminal justice system and it’s wrong and I want to change that. So I’m like, let me start here.

My hair, my skin, my persona alone. I lived with five boys. My mom had to take care of five boys and a girl on her own. It’s kind of like, you struggle with feeling beautiful because you grow up with boys, you tend to start dressing like boys, you tend to start having the same kind of characteristics. When you get to a certain age, you realize, I’m a woman. I’m a girl. There are certain things that I have to take care of on a regular basis.   Not for anybody else, but for myself to feel like, my gender is who I am. For a long time I was just kind of like, let me just throw a hat on because I don’t feel like I need to do my hair or I’m just going to throw on a baggy shirt. But I realized, I’m going to have curves eventually, I’m going to have a body that people may or may not notice so I want to embrace that for myself.


Beyond Perfection

I’ve never felt the need to be perfect. Nobody is perfect. I associate perfection with my work ethic. I associate my beauty with my identity. I feel like being perfect and feeling like you have to be pretty is for someone else. I want to be pretty for myself. I know I’m not perfect. I never felt the need to indulge myself in, oh my God, my hair has to be this way. Like I said, I can throw a hat on and I’ll still feel beautiful. I feel like my hair is going to be how I want it to be that day. I feel like my outfit is how it’s going to be that day. I’m confident. I feel like it’s not even about perfection it’s about your own inner confidence.

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