Real Beauty Moment: Natural Hair In South Africa


I heard about the girls in South Africa that protested about wearing their natural hair. I’m from South Africa. I’m so proud of them. I am so proud because that is something that we’ve never really talked about growing up in South Africa and the fact that these young girls are bringing this up is just amazing. I’m just really proud of them.

Black Girl Hair

There’s something to overcome every single day. I’ve had my hair like this since 11th grade. I’ve changed it but this is mostly how I wear it. I’ve had braids and tried different things but this is how I normally wear my hair. There’s always been this big issue about my hair. The stuff that I hear about my hair that’s negative is usually from other African women.

Ready To Pop

I feel great. I’m ready for the baby to come out but I feel good. This is my second child. I have a 3 year old at home. It’s hard but if you have somebody to help you it makes things better. I have family here—my husband and mother-in-law so it makes it better.

Thakabasadi Sato-Machioudi, Founder of

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