Beauty Veteran Andrea Fairweather Talks How To Be A Game Changer And What She Thinks Of The Industry Now



In a world where social media has allowed the term “makeup artist” to take on an array of meanings, it’s safe to call Andrea Fairweather a veteran in the beauty business.  Not only has the Brooklyn native been doing makeup for over 25 years, she’s also the pioneer of a much needed beauty service.

Her company, Fairweather Faces, is the first to offer traveling beauty services within the beauty industry.  Established in 1997, the team provides on-site, mobile makeup, nails, hair styling, massage therapy, and personal makeup shopping.  Fairweather, a Brooklyn native, also has staff stationed in all the major cities across the USAThe brand offers all beauty services for all occasions.  Her list of high profile clients includes ABC Network, Disney, BET, CNN, HBO, Diane Sawyer, Roberta Flack, Duchess of York, Tichina Arnold, and Alvin Ailey American Dancer Theater (Judith Jamison) to name a few.

We spoke to Andrea about how to break ground in the beauty business, how she feels about the industry now, the blessing and curse of social media.

fairweather-faces-2You invented a patented color-coded system that guides people to recreate your celebrity based makeup looks.  When and how did that idea come about?

That idea came about eight years ago when my clients,whom consistently watched me apply their makeup in the mirror, begged my to create something they could follow. At that time, no one  really focused on the teaching aspect of makeup. It was primarily one just sold their cosmetics.
I took my time and thoughtfully created the color-coded system. It is a step by step guide to create my celebrity based makeup looks. Match the Makeup Brushes to the Face Chart(s) with the Fairweather Faces Cosmetics. It’s like paint by numbers for your face!

What advice would you give other women looking to start a business in the beauty industry?

My advice for other women looking to start a business in the beauty industry is create your own niche. Everyone has a unique talent in which to serve their clients and express themselves. The possibilities within the beauty industry are endless.


The makeup industry is ever evolving, especially with social media.  How do you feel about the industry now, versus the way it was in the 90s and early 2000s?

The various ways I feel about the beauty industry now, versus the way it was in the 90s and early 2000s are interesting.  On one hand when I think back to how we used to book work in the 90s (go to clients directly and or ship our portfolios to present our work) compared to all the immediate ways social media allows one to show their work now is remarkable. I really appreciate the days when we would grind to get our work noticed. It helped me and the Fairweather Faces beauty teams to be focused and disciplined.

Social media can be inspiring to see all of the amazing work out there. At the same time it can be overwhelming because there are so many artists out there now. Back in the day, the makeup artists and hairstylists circle was numbered and you had to be really good to continually work.
The other aspects of social media that can be frustrating for seasoned, experienced artists are there are artists whom pretend to do certain work and take credit for it knowing it is not their work. Social media makes it easy to ‘hide’ who one truly is.
The other downfall is some pose themselves to be seasoned celebrity artists and they basically do work on themselves in tutorials. Then they get hired via social media for a job (charge a ridiculously below industry rate just to ‘get in’) then get stammered within the assignment because they are not truly seasoned enough to handle the job.
Therefore I find social media to be an amazing tool to promote one’s work. At the same time the integrity really should be there in order to present the truth to the public.

What’s the best piece of beauty advice you give to women?

My advice is to focus on your daily water intake in order for you to have better looking and feeling skin. As a result you can breeze through your makeup routine because your skin is on point.

Abi Ishola
Abi Ishola


Abi Ishola is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beyond Classically Beautiful, the acclaimed photo series turned multimedia platform. On any given day, you can find her tucked away in a perfectly lit Brooklyn coffee shop working for several hours. Then she dashes off to pick up her daughter from daycare. Abi is also a TV Producer, a proud FIT Alum, Nigerian-American, and a soul searcher.

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