Real Beauty Moment: My Mom’s Drug Abuse Forced Me To Become Strong

Real Beauty Moment: My Mom's Drug Abuse Forced Me To Become Strong

I come from a big family and I have a lot of drug abuse in my family. My mom overcame that and my father is in the military so you have to learn how to become strong. I think that was the altering point in my life when I learned I was becoming a woman and you can’t depend on anybody else but yourself at that point in time so I think that’s my life altering moment where I learned that I had no reason to fail, only to keep going. I didn’t really have a choice. From birth my mom was on drugs. My grandmother took me in but after a certain age they can’t do everything. So they have to teach you so once they get older it’s on you. I have two sisters and one brother and I’m the oldest, so [I couldn’t] fail. You have them watching even at your weak moments. You have somebody who’s watching you and you have to have the answers. Sometimes in your life you just have to take it day by day and the tools will come to you. That’s how I took it.

Beauty World

Once you enter the beauty world you realize that makeup is not something you use to make you look like somebody else. Some people use it to make themselves somebody they are not. Makeup is made to enhance what you have not correct it. You’ll have that day when you put too much on and you look like somebody totally different. That’s when you realize what makeup was made for.

I think every woman, in their life, reach that point where they are trying to figure out who they are and where they want to go in their life.   Once you get to that point and you feel comfortable, I feel like you’ll learn who you are. You don’t want to alter that. I know the world is like that. I know the world is like that. It makes you want to alter who you are.

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Abi Ishola
Abi Ishola


Abi Ishola is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beyond Classically Beautiful, the acclaimed photo series turned multimedia platform. On any given day, you can find her tucked away in a perfectly lit Brooklyn coffee shop working for several hours. Then she dashes off to pick up her daughter from daycare. Abi is also a TV Producer, a proud FIT Alum, Nigerian-American, and a soul searcher.

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