#Sentimental: Natural Hair Blogger Toia B. Honors A Heart Locket From Her Mom

The wonderful thing about the gifts we receive from the people we love is how they can become a symbol of their innermost feelings for us.  Toia B., natural hair blogger and creator of To Be Natural received such a gift from her mother.  She’s had it since high school when her mom gave it to her.  Read on to find out why it’s important to her.



My mom gave me this locket as a junior high school graduation gift, so I’ve had it for about 22 years.




The inscription, “I Love You”, brings so many things to mind. I’ve seen so many women talk about how close they are with their moms, how they’re best friends and all. Well, I was very much a daddy’s girl growing up. It was only after his passing when I was eleven that I really began to learn who my mom was as a person. It was kinda weird but cool.



We still never really got all that close, even to this day. Sure, there have been times when I wished to have that super close relationship that others have. But I know my mom isn’t naturally the most expressive or “mushy” person, so it’s cool. Every time I wear this locket, though, I’m reminded of the talks we’ve had or our visits, and I’m reassured that she really loves and cares for me like no other human being ever will. She has always been there for me and I’m confident that she’ll always be.

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