How This Photo From The Woman’s March in Washington Sums Up The White And Black Feminist Divide

Credit Angela Peoples & Kevin Banatte

The person or people who snapped this photo needs an award.  From the white women donning pink hats, taking selfies, and standing up for women’s rights, to the black woman in the photo holding that placard while sucking on a lollipop, and clearly giving zero fucks about what they thought. This photo best sums up what the feminist movement has always been: divided.

The placard in this photo…oh the placard.  It’s a clear reminder that more than half of white female voters chose Trump; 53% to be exact.  Plus by now, the average non-white feminist is well aware of the history of the feminist movement, which has long be exclusionary to women of color.  In other words, the mainstream fight for women’s rights has always been the fight for white women’s rights.

So what now?  After such a beautiful display of protest across the world, how are we supposed to digest this?  Can we honestly say that we are now “in this together,” fighting for equality when we are well aware that not a fraction of the people who marched last Saturday will march at the next #BlackLivesMatter rally?  So was the march really effective?  I call it bittersweet because with each white woman who marched, we were reminded that the struggle for equality is one sided and that one group actually feels their rights should take precedence over another.  So let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as equality in this case.

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