Meet Sonja Crandon, Founder of SK Essentials, A Natural Skincare Line You’ll Love

We are on a 5-day countdown to our Meditate to Wellness event, so if you haven’t purchased your ticket for this Sunday, January 15th, what are you waiting for?   We’ve partnered with Holistic Citi Lyfe and the National Association of 100 Black Women to offer a 3-part series on meditation. Breathwork specialist, Kathleen Booker, will lead us in a restorative session of breath work and meditation.  Plus we’ll be giving away SWAG BAGS that contain products from several amazing brands! 

One of those brands is SK Essentials.  Like many business savvy women, Sonja Crandon had a need for something, so she created it.  For years she suffered from dry skin and severe allergies.  Once she began studying the skincare products she and her daughter were using, Crandon, who is also an oncology research nurse based in Maryland, embarked on a journey to create the natural product line.

We caught up with Sonja Crandon, the founder of the brand, to find out what inspired her to launch her line of natural and sustainable skincare products.


When did you start SK Pure Essentials and what were you doing before you became a business woman?

My background includes over 15 years in Clinical Research Nursing. For years I had unsuccessfully tried numerous products that claim to treat dry skin. I more recently discovered that African Shea Butter was the only natural product to successfully quench my dry skin. Three years ago, I was tested and diagnosed with over 32 environmental, and preservative based allergies which required me to have weekly allergy shots. My daughter also suffers from skin allergies as a result of artificial skincare ingredients. This led me to research the ingredients within my family’s skincare products. Practically all of our skincare products were filled with carcinogens (cancer causing ingredients).  Especially those branded as natural, which led my search for naturally sourced ingredients which are free of toxins, chemicals and artificial preservatives. My experience with African Shea, led me on an extensive search for sustainably sourced African oils which have ancient healing, therapeutic, and moisturizing properties.  This sparked my passion for sustainable sourced African oils and butters, which led to the birth of SK Pure Essentials in 2016.

Describe your product line.  What are some of your favorite products from the line?

SK Essentials is a sustainably sourced product line which enables me to showcase my passion to help women of color achieve healthy, glowing skin with ingredients that are safe and toxin free.

Our product line includes; facial oils, facial balms, body scrubs, and body butters. Each provides instant relief of dry skin, as well as long-lasting nourishment and moisture retention. The Facial Oil Elixir, Facial Balm and Body scrubs are some of my favorite.

Finish this statement…I discovered my own beauty and strength when….

I discovered my own beauty and strength when I stepped outside of the conventional box of a 9 to 5 and started by entrepreneurial journey. Although SK Essentials is currently part time, I aim to be a full-time Entrepreneur in the very near future.


Be sure to purchase your ticket for the event over at to secure your spot and your goodie bag, which will contain an amazing product from the SK Essentials line!



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