Real Beauty Moment: Women’s March in Boston

From Washington to South Africa, the Women’s March had more than 600 sister marches across the country and the globe.  I attended the march in Boston, where as many as 175,000 people participated.



“I’m marching today because my body is my right.” -Brianna, 17, New Jersey

“I’m marching because women’s rights are rights for everyone. Everybody deserves rights and everybody is equal in this world.” -Emma, 15, New Hampshire

“We need to stand up for what we’ve worked hard to build. Trump is trying to take that away and we won’t have it. It’s time to fight.” -Shayla, 25, Brockton, Massachusetts


“I’m marching because I have a real passion in civil rights. We as black people, women, minorities, need to be represented for the people that we are.” -Somali, 17, Harlem, New York

“I’m marching for the oppressed and forgotten. I’m marching for everyone in my life. Every woman I know. I am marching for women’s rights and human rights.” -Andrea, 32, Boston, Massachusetts

Marcelle Hutchins
Marcelle Hutchins


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