Real Beauty Moment: Being Young, African, Muslim, & Female In America



I’m from Gambia. I’m Muslim. Being a young Muslim black girl in the united states is hard sometimes because there’s a lot of people in my school and outside that make negative comments ever since 9/11. I remember one time, somebody pulled off my hijab and I started crying. He got expelled. It’s good that there are people who care about other religions.


I was born here but also, being from Africa, people also bullied me because of that.

Happiest Moment

Today I was so happy until I lost my money. I was happy because I was buying my birthday outfit. – Aicha Tounkara


I’ve had to embrace that I’m darker than most people. My family is from Mali. I grew up here. I was born and raised here. People try to judge you because you’re from a different culture. They think that you’re different from them because you’re from a different culture, but you’re not, you’re like them, it’s just your parents are [from another country]. People used to say mean things but now that I’m older I respond back.

Being a Muslim Black Girl

People are judgmental. They don’t give you a chance even though they don’t know you. They just go off of what they see in the media.

Most happiest moment

That time hasn’t come for me yet. – Hawa Doucoure, 14

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