Real Beauty Moment: Me And My 90s Vibe


I’ve had to find confidence. Just knowing oneself, knowing who I am, and appreciating how I dress mostly. I dress in 80s and 90s clothes and I love it but some people don’t appreciate it so I have to learn to love it myself. l love my long skirts and my long coats but some people just can’t get over the fact that it’s not something you see everyday.

What Rocked My World

Moving to America, it was really shocking. It was a cultural difference. That definitely affected my life a lot. I was 10-years-old. I remember everything about Haiti: The culture difference, the food, the family. Definitely the family, the community, it was definitely different. While Haiti is tight community here is very individualized; each person for themselves. That was definitely a shock that shaped my life. When I got here it was something new. I was very excited and open minded.

My Happiest Moment

When I got my high school diploma and I made my dad proud. First in my family to graduate high school. My brother graduated a year before me but he did at summer school. I was the first one to walk across the stage. So that was a very big moment. I was very happy for that. I’m an education major now with a minor in sociology.

– Jolane, 19

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