Real Beauty Moment: Living My Dream

Hair Story

Growing up, I always wanted to have straight hair and I was obsessed with having my hair super super straight and I didn’t really embrace my natural curl pattern. So transitioning and growing locs was my way to overcome that. It’s something I encourage a lot of black women to do. It’s something they should explore.

I experience a range of reactions when I started growing locs. I remember my parents discouraging me because they thought that it might jeopardize my professional opportunities. They thought it might jeopardize me getting into college. So I got some push back from there. My friends were pretty supportive but a lot of my friends had already been natural. There were people who just felt a weird way about it because you know when you first start locs you have that awkward faze and to me that’s such a pivotal moment because it forces you to look at yourself in the mirror and you really have to accept yourself because you’re going to have to go through that for nearly a year before it looks like locs. I think that was a really important part of the journey.


Rocked her world

Moving to New York was a really huge step for me. I’m from Los Angeles so this was my first time being outside of Los Angeles. I moved here with my boyfriend so it was a really big step for the both of us. That was a major event. At NYU, my program is called Media Culture and Communications. My specific interest is in racial identity formation in online spaces. I want to teach so my plan is to go for my PhD when I’m done with this program.

When I got into NYU, it was my dream program. This isn’t something I saw for myself I think growing up. Graduate school was not really what I saw myself wanting to do until I realized later in my undergraduate career. The field that I went into is obviously not very traditional and it’s very new and path breaking. So moving to New York and going through my dream program and figuring out things as they come has been really transformative honestly.

– Selihah


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