Real Beauty Moment : Bisexual, Christian, and Proud


The happiest moment was when my friend told me she liked me back.  I’ve never felt pretty or beautiful or any of those words.  She was the first person I’d ever like that had ever liked me back.  I am bisexual.  I came from a Christian background.  I knew around 7th grade.


Even for me right now, I’m very in touch with my religion, so being bisexual is something that’s been very hard for me to accept.  It’s been a very rocky road for my partner and I because I just haven’t been able to accept the fact that I am with another female and Christian.  One of my closest friends had an inkling when I was like, ‘oh, I want to dress more like a boy.’  She was like, ‘Sasha, is there something you want to tell me?’

– Sasha Layne

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