{Partnered Post}: High Heels

Women often comment on how a good high heeled shoe can make them feel amazing. This may leave many wondering how a shoe can affect how a woman feels. Is there some secret power that high heels have that infuse women with strength and confidence? The real answer is a little less mystical and more common sense.

The History of High Heels

High heels have a deep history. They began as a way to show power and were adopted by the upper classes. As with anything else, when the upper crust of society had something, it made others want it. High-heeled shoes were seen as something posh and if you wore them, you were posh, too. As time went by, women in powerful positions often wore high heels, giving the impression that they added to the powerful and in command nature of these women. Your average woman on the street who also wanted to exude power took note and began wearing them as a symbol of feminine strength. The spread of high heels as a way to look and feel better didn’t stop with corporate boardrooms, celebrities are often seen wearing heels, which again, gives off a message that to be cool and stylish, women need to wear heels. Taking cues from others throughout history, women have placed a pair of heels on a pedestal that others shoes simply can’t touch when it comes to changing the way a woman sees herself when wearing them.

Added Height

There are also some more practical reasons why women may feel better about themselves when they wear heels. The most obvious is that they add height. Depending on the show style, high heels can add a few inches to a woman’s height. This helps her to be more eye-to-eye with men, causing a psychological reaction that makes her and others see her as at the same level as a man. Height has always played a role in how people see each other. Taller people are often looked to simply because they are tall. There is no proof at all that taller people are smarter, stronger or better able to handle an emergency, but it may stem from childhood where the tall people really were smarter, stronger and better able to handle an emergency. At any rate, the added height can be a great self-esteem booster.

Physical Effects

Besides making a woman taller, high heels also lengthen the leg visually, which is something considered very aesthetically pleasing. In addition, when wearing high heels, it naturally improves the posture and requires a strong, more in control walk. These things create an overall more in control feeling and increase the perception a woman has of herself and others have of her.

Adding a pair of heels to any outfit can completely change how a woman looks and the general vibe she gives off. Whatever the reason for this, there is no denying that high heels are one powerful shoe.