Beauty Of The Day: Christian Warren


Introduce yourself.

My name is Christian Warren.  I am a Compton, California native currently living in New Jersey with my husband and pup Belle. I also work in New York as the Global Visual Manager for new store openings at Kate Spade New York and I am loving every moment of it!


How do you defy society’s typical beauty standards?

By being myself and maintaining confidence while doing so. There are so many different outlets, some subconscious, and some completely obvious, that try to define beauty whether it’s through the media, advertising, literature, even social media. Although these perceptions can be frustrating at times since it almost discredits women who do not identify with these perceptions, beauty is defined within you. Beauty is you!


How have you come to recognize your beauty and your power over the years?

I used to be so self conscious growing up, I had really bad skin and I was really self conscious about my weight. One day I realized that I was only being my own biggest critic, and I really needed to just lighten up and appreciate myself, my body and the gifts that God gave me. Now I embrace it all! My imperfections, and my best qualities with boldness and confidence.


What inspires your style?

My life, my mood, and traveling inspires my style. I must admit I am addicted to anything black when it comes to clothing. I have so many black long sleeve dresses and I swear that they are all different, lol.  I am often on the go, but I also work in an office setting so I try to mix casual and comfortable looks with more formal pieces. I will also find a way to wear sneakers or a casual shoes with almost anything!  I’m all about feeling comfortable.

What are your go-to beauty products?

My main go-to beauty products are my LAsplash Cosmetics lip colors, Black Radiance foundation and primer–This cosmetic line is very affordable and so good.  Also since winter season equals dry skin season for me, I have to keep my Ade Vegan Hair+Body Hemp Botanicals body butter handy.  Also, mascara, my hair care products and hair oils, and body polish by Flo+Theo.

What makes you feel most beautiful?

A positive attitude, fierce lip color, and when I am a really feeling my outfit that definitely sets the tone for me.


Would you say you’re 100% comfortable in your own skin at this point in your life?

I try not to stress over the small things. Although yes, I can say that I am comfortable within my own skin. I do still have personal goals: such as maintaining more of a consistent workout regimen. Will I lose sleep over not achieving my goals yet, or be hard on myself? Absolutely not! Life definitely goes on, and I embrace and appreciate the skin I’m in.

  1. Love the Pictures and your beauty tips..Thank you for sharing I will be looking foward to more advise from you…I can totally relate to you.

  2. Christian, I am so impressed with this article and all of your accomplishments. Saying that Im proud of how you carry yourself as a young woman is an understatement.Your unique beauty, that you have always had has always made you a head turner, and your original style has always stood out in a positive way. My favorite Christian look when you were younger was; you short pants and boots combo, lovred it! Congratulations on this awesome feature and continued success in your life.

    Love you,

    Sebrena Harrison

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