Beauty Of The Day: Nelo Obi


Introduce yourself.

My name is Nelo Obi. I am a Mum, wife, personal shopper and  blogger at


How do you defy society’s typical beauty standards?

I really don’t think about it, everyone is beautiful in their own way. I don’t compare myself to anyone, it’s all about me, how I feel about me–do I like how I look?  Am I comfortable in this look? Beauty is very personal, I appreciate it in others as well as in myself, it is being self aware, know yourself, embrace yourself, love yourself and the world is your oyster.


What inspires your style?

My style is an amalgamation of my daily experiences.  Its very impulsive. I am inspired by people, I love people watching, magazines, fellow bloggers, street style, runway , movies, music , celebrities, friends, and family.


What are your go-to beauty products?

I recently discovered Aldi’s face cleaning gel, it’s so cheap and so good I love it, I also can’t do without my L’Oréal age perfect toner, this product single handedly transformed my face.  It tightened my pores and cleared my complexion.  Finally my moisturizer, I currently use the Olay day and night fluid, I like that it contains sunscreen so I don’t have to worry about that during the day.


Would you say you’re 100% comfortable in your own skin at this point in your life? How so or why not?

Yes I am! I understand that I am not perfect, I don’t need to be, actually noone is. We all have our strength and weaknesses, I have learnt to highlight my strengths, tone down my weaknesses  and just keep it moving.

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