Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins Shares Healthy Living and Weight-Loss Tips


When it comes to toning up those abs and losing weight, Jeanette Jenkins is one of the most sought after fitness trainers and healthy lifestyle coaches.

Jenkins helps thousands of men and women achieve their health and fitness goals, and is the celebrity trainer behind Hollywood’s hottest bodies, including Kelly Rowland, P!nk, Tia Mowry and Alicia Keys, to name a few.

In addition to her famed skills as a trainer, Jenkins is also an author, nutritionist and has created 17 top-selling workout DVDs including two with Kelly Rowland called “Sexy Abs” & “Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt.”

Jenkins works every day to revolutionize the way people think about health, fitness, and happiness, and to find out the best way to get in shape and keep off the extra pounds, we chatted with the celebrity trainer.

 Introduce yourself. 

 Jenkins: I am the founder and President of The Hollywood Trainer and creator of The Hollywood Trainer Club, a virtual weight loss and healthy living club. I am also the author of The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan: 21 Days to Make Healthy Living a Lifetime Habitand creator of the highly successful Bikini Bootcamp, Cardio Kickboxing & Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland as part of my internationally successful Hollywood Trainer DVD Collection, created to inspire and motivate men and women to live a healthy life.

What motivates you to go the extra mile in your workouts and reach your fitness goals?

I am motivated by the benefits of healthy living. I want to feel good internally. I want to have energy throughout the day, confidence, a positive mindset, a healthy heart, a strong immune system, strong bones and the ability to function at my best so I can also enjoy the other areas of my life in good health. These are just a few of the things that motivate me to go the extra mile in a workout. My goal in everything I do is to be great and do the best I can because you get out what you put in. I fully believe if you want more, you must give more.


What has helped you stay disciplined in the midst of chaos and helped you manage your daily schedule?

I don’t accept chaos. My life is not and will never be chaos. I stay disciplined by creating a strategic plan to achieve my goals and when new projects and opportunities or requests come my way, if I cannot find a way to fit it into my strategic plan then I let it go or just say “No”. You cannot be everything for everyone. In order to be successful, you must have a plan and stick to your plan until you achieve your goal. I take one to two days off a week, typically Saturday and Sunday so I can fill my cup back up, rest, renew and get ready for the week ahead. Most people need one to two days a week to recharge the mind, body and spirit and taking those days off always makes me stronger for the week ahead. Those who don’t take time off usually end up sick, run down, unmotivated and lose creativity because the body needs rest.

As one of the country’s leading lifestyle coaches, what are some of the workout mistakes that people make?

I believe the number one workout mistake that people make is not accepting exercise as a daily part of their every day regimen. It needs to be part of your life just like brushing your teeth in the morning. It’s your internal hygiene to clean your hormones, heart, blood stream, nervous system, strengthen bones, muscles, connective tissue, improve cardio vascular system, flexibility, especially spinal and hip flexibility and so much more.

The second workout mistake I think people make is not following a healthy meal plan, designed to achieve their goals & refueling the body with empty calories (calories with no nutritional value). You must eat for your own specific goals and health considerations.

The third workout mistake I watch people make is doing the same form of exercise 4-5x a week — highly repetitive running, spinning, cycling, kickboxing, dance and then they suffer from joint issues and wear and tear of repeating the same motion over and over again. For longevity of the joints, it is important to have a balanced training program that includes strength training, cardio and flexibility work. If you repeat the same motion over and over again, you will get repetitive stress injuries.



 5 Fitness Myths, Busted!


Myth No. 1: You need cardio to lose weight.

FALSE: You don’t need cardio to lose weight. All you need to lose weight is proper hormone distribution and a calorie negative at the end of the day. Remember also that weight is the total of your muscles, bones, connective tissue, internal organs and water. 60% of your body weight is water. You can lose 10lbs of water by doing a cleanse or a fast and sweating or steaming. So are you trying to lose weight or are you trying to burn fat?

Research has shown that the fastest and most effective way to burn body fat is to do a combination of Cardio and Weight Training.


Myth No. 2: One plan will work for everyone.

FALSE: We are all BIOGENETICALLY UNIQUE and although we all need to exercise and eat healthy, we do need small tweaks and customizations for each individual’s health considerations & genetics.


Myth No. 3: You shouldn’t workout everyday.

FALSE: You can workout everyday, you just have to change up the method of training and the intensity. So for example here is a 7-day program:

Monday: 3mile run & Ab Blast

Tuesday: Bootcamp

Wednesday: Power Yoga

Thursday: Cardio Kickboxing

Friday: Chisel Camp (Sculpting)

Saturday: Hike & Pilates

Sunday: Relaxing Yoga
Myth No. 4: Crunches are the best moves for your core.

FALSE: There is no such thing as a best move for your core. You train your core just like every other muscle on your body. The core wraps around the spine and the movements of the core and spine are flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation. You make sure your training regimen for your core is balanced and includes exercises that improve all of the movements of the core and spine.


Myth No. 5: Women shouldn’t lift heavy weights or they’ll get bulky joints.

FALSE: This is actually complicated. Everyone is biogenetically unique and there are three scientific body types:  Mesomorph, Ectomorph and Endomorph. You can take three women of three different body types and give them the exact same heavy weight training program, and the exact same healthy meal plan designed for their body size and staying lean and all of their bodies will have a different response because they are made up of different muscle fiber types and their hormone distribution is also different. Mesomorph is a muscular athletic body type like a Serena Williams or Hope Solo; Ectomorph is a tall long lean model like body type like a Chanel Iman or Gigi Hadid; Endomorph is more voluptuous like a Kim Kardashian or Amber Rose. Now just imagine taking all six of these ladies and putting through the same heavy weight training program and the same healthy meal plan.  All of their bodies will respond differently. Serena Williams and Hope Solo will end up being the most muscular and bulky because their body types respond the best to weight training, because they have a large amount of “medium fast twitch” muscle fibers that hypertrophy (increase in size)  the most. Chanel Iman and Gigi Hadid are the ectomorphs and they will definitely get toned but they will remain lean and tight because they do not have a large amount of “medium fast twitch fibers,” and Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian have to be very careful because they can definitely get toned and they have “medium fast twitch” fibers; but if they keep a layer of fat over their muscles, then they will in the end look bulkier.

So the moral of the story is that it is important to know your body type and the stage of your life. The hormone distribution and condition of your joints will change over the years so some women need to lift heavy especially after their 30’s to defy gravity, and some women need to train heavy to protect their joints and keep them strong. While other women want to lift heavy because they love the feeling and appearance of being strong, it is very gratifying and safe to know that you have the strength to push or pull your entire body weight out of any situation and to enjoy sports like snowboarding, skiing, rock climbing and much more. If you were in an accident or stuck in any dangerous situation and you do not have the strength to push or pull your own body weight to safety, this could be a disaster.

All women should train for their goals, which is hopefully to have a balanced, strong, healthy, flexible and cardiovascular conditioned body so they can enjoy the rest of their lives in good health!

For more on Jeanette Jenkins, visit TheHollywoodTrainer.com.

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