NYFW: Amber Poitier Jewelry Makes Its Debut Art Gallery Style


Towards the final stretch of New York Fashion Week, Designer Alicia Appleton debuted Amber Poitier, a high-end jewelry collection, during an art gallery style presentation titled Breathe. Pray. Love.

Pieces from the line were displayed in sections throughout the room to represent different parts of the world. With handcrafted pieces constructed of wood, metal, leather, and acrylic shaped in modern yet edgy designs, Appleton’s inspiration was clear.

“I’m a lover of culture. I’m a lover of people coming together and appreciating the differences of everyone’s background,” she said addressing her audience.

Amber Poitier
Amber Poitier, Baroque display
Amber Poitier, Baroque display

First, there was the Baroque wall, which symbolized the European sector of the world. There, the Aurora necklace, which has become a standout for the line, was a focal point.

“The theory behind this is going back to our Roman-esque, feminine lines,” she explained. “So we did a lot of laser cutting with the leather here. Then we have our famous Aurora necklace that’s there.”

Amber Poitier, Ivory Coast Display

The Ivory Coast display was her nod to Africa. “I love mixing the woods and black together. When our fall 2016 line comes out you’ll be able to see it in its entirety, but this is the beginning,” she said.

Amber Poitier, Urban Bondage theme

The modern New York City girl inspired her Urban Bondage section.

“That’s our city slicker, our sleek girl who loves black and white with a touch of gold,” said Appleton.

Amber Poitier, Winter Solstice theme

Her last wall titled, Winter Solstice, was a mix of pink and brown. “This is kind of your Norwegian sector of the world,” said Appleton.

Amber Poitier, Aurora necklace




Amber Poitier, Ava earrings


Overall, Appleton has a lot to be proud of with this debut collection, which she says gave her a renewed sense of purpose after working in corporate fashion for years.

“Corporate fashion simultaneously educated and jaded me,” Alicia said. “The creation of the Amber Poitier brand and the new collection has rejuvenated my love for designing again.”

With her design sophistication and great use of leather and color, she’s sure to attract customers who are willing to Breathe. Pray. and Love right along with her.


Abi Ishola
Abi Ishola


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