Photo Series Captures The Appropriation Of Black Women

Photo by Daniel Stewart

Another day another amazing photo series released in honor of black women and our experiences with society’s beauty ideals. 

Photo by Daniel Stewart
Photo by Daniel Stewart

College freshman Imani Diltz was given an assignment to explore one of the seven deadly sins.  For her series titled, Erosion, she chose lust in the form of the appropriation of a black woman’s natural features such as big lips, large butts, dark skin, and hairstyles–all things deemed unnattractive unless a white woman adopts them.

Photo by Daniel Stewart

“There are these blatant robberies of culture that are taken and made trendy and conglomerated by white society,” Diltz, who was the model for this project, told The Huffington Post. She pointed to celebrities like the Kardashian sisters as culprits. “[It’s] something that I was really fed up with.” 

When shooting photos, Diltz and her photographer, Daniel Stewart, took everything into consideration, from Diltz’s facial expressions to the people whose arms appear in the photos, ensuring that they were white people who understood how destructive cultural appropriation is.

“The facial expressions [in the photos] weren’t indicative of being in that situation,” Stewart told HuffPost, explaining that black women can’t always react the way they want to. “We wanted to make sure that these photos were something that… women [who] do go through could connect with and know that they’re not alone.”

Beautiful project!


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