Dare To Be Bold? Youtuber Violet Banks Says Get Noticed With Colored Brows

VIolet Banks

“Last year was about taking myself seriously… But this year is about putting myself out there and standing out while I’m out there.”

Colored brows are not the newest of trends, but who said you have to be walking the runway to sport them? Filling in your brows with an unnatural color is a great beauty trick to grab desired attention. It’s high fashion and it could show that your personality is just as interesting as your looks. Whether that attention is good or bad, it sure does make one hell of a statement. If you’re trying to get yourself out there in the world of beauty and fashion, being bold is one way to do so.

Youtuber, Violet Banks, explains how her unnatural beauty look turned heads at the GenBeauty VIP Party a couple of weeks ago. Along with a gorgeous bronzed makeup look, which included the most perfect highlight (I must add) and nude lip, Banks rocked bold metallic brows that was sure to steal the show. Lucky for us, she just posted a tutorial on how she achieved her gold goddess eyebrows. Check it out!

Jaynelle Stewart
Jaynelle Stewart

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Jaynelle Stewart is a marketing student with a knack for beauty, style, and blogging. Jaynelle describes herself as urban, versatile, and a trap music enthusiast.

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