Editor’s Note: Win, Rejoice, Reset

Abi Ishola, Beyond Classically Beautiful

Over the years I’ve learned a thing or two about how to process victory and defeat.

When you win, rejoice, but not for too long. Too much focus on a single triumph clouds judgment, over feeds one’s ego, and distracts you from your greater purpose. One should never lose sight of the bigger picture. Ironically, the same rules apply when it comes to processing defeat. Never allow yourself to linger in a single emotion for too long. This is one of the many principles I’ve decided to base my life on.

Abi Ishola, Beyond Classically Beautiful

I think of this law as I bask in the amazing reception our latest photo series, “Body Noire,” is receiving. So far we’ve been featured on Essence.com, The Huffington Post, For Harriet, and other websites, Instagram and Tumblr pages. It’s hard to not grin when friends send you links to pages that have shared the black and white portraits that made up the series. Our goal was to execute another project that allows black women to show off their unique beauty and tell their stories. But in doing such work, one never knows how the public will receive it. I always hope that our message is clear and that people understand our main goal.  Through the planning and execution of Body Noire, I asked God to speak through the amazing team of people who put their heads together to make the project come alive. We are a small group with a limited budget, but our hearts are always in the right place. We want black women to feel beautiful, celebrated, and uplifted despite what society or anyone has to say about us. As I told Essence.com, we know the truth about our beauty, our intelligence, and our overall excellence, so we will continue to remind the world.

So as I force myself to stay grounded about the success of this project, trust that our wheels are already turning with ideas for what our next black beauty celebration project will be.

Stay tuned and keep shining!


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