These YouTubers Show The Beauty Of A Union Between A Black Woman & An Asian Man

Joe Lee and Alena Maze

Though we’re living in modern times, many still consider interracial relationships unusual, especially when it comes to Black women dating Asian men.

This is where Joe Lee and Alena Maze come in, showing just how rare such couplings are and how important it is to see them. Married for almost two years, the couple first met in high school and remained good friends throughout their adult lives.

As a family of 7 living in Baltimore, Maryland, the couple built MazeLee, a YouTube channel that documents their travels, their love and their lives. The majority of the videos — which are often no more than 15 minutes long — feature the kids, extended family members, marriage and cultural differences, as well as discussions related to their Christian faith.

Alena, who is currently going for her PhD,  and Joe, a street photographer, spoke to us about the balance of work and life.

Joe and Alena’s five children.

When and how did you meet?

We met back in high school in the 9th grade. We became good friends and stayed in contact after we graduated.

Have you dated black women prior to meeting Alena?

Joe: No.

Was Joe your first Korean boyfriend?

Alena: Yes.

How did your families come to accept your relationship?

Alena: My family accepted the idea of me marrying Joe pretty quickly. They were a little apprehensive on if Joe would be able to handle all of the responsibilities that come with raising a large family because I had four children before our relationship, so it was going to be a new experience for him. My sisters have always liked Joe and mainly wanted to make sure he was ready for the challenge. My dad was especially supportive seeing that I was remarrying shortly after divorce.

Joe: My father was extremely tough on my sister when she was dating a white guy. When they eventually got married, he saw love and happiness in their relationship. I believe that was the pivotal moment when his stances on race diffused. Now, he just wants us to be happy. My mother was more lenient on my sister’s relationship, but when I married Alena, she was furious with the idea of me marrying a black woman with four children. However, she’s been accepting our marriage, especially after seeing our son.

Alena Maze and Joe Lee

Explain Blasian and how that term gets used.

Blasian literally means “black and Asian”. People have used it to describe relationships where one partner is black and the other is Asian. However, we feel it’s more appropriately used to describe an individual who is of African and Asian decent. Actually, the term “Afroasian” seems to be a better suit.

How did you learn to join your two different lives and personalities?

Joe: We’ve always been friends, so our personalities have always meshed well in a “Tom & Jerry” type of way. Alena is one of the few people in my life that can push me to extremes, but I like that because I’m usually very laid back and can become too easygoing. She encourages me to be more passionate about the things I want in life. She is my toughest critic, and my biggest fan. I love her.

Alena: Joe and I are both critical and competitive in different ways. We’re constantly challenging each other’s thoughts and intellect so I think that’s why we get along. I just like him and look up to him. The first year, we spent adjusting our lives together with the kids and getting them accustomed to having a new father. It’s a work in progress and we are still working on it every day.


What has the experience of dating outside of your racial category been like for the both of you? What has it taught you about yourselves and those around you?

Joe: It’s shown me how close-minded and ignorant my Korean friends and aquaintances are towards black people and the culture. They love the products that derive from black culture (i.e. music, fashion, slang), but do not seem to consider black people as a real option for marriage. Cultural appropriation is a real issue. Being married to Alena has brought awareness to even myself as to why I didn’t really date a black girl sooner.

Alena: For me, the experience has been pretty normal, just like any other relationship. There are always race related issues that come up, some things I have to explain to Joe about our culture and things he has to explain to me. I definitely eat a lot more Korean food than I’ve ever eaten in my life now. I’ve learned that some people put too much emphasis on interracial dating just for “show”. For me it’s more important about the blending of two cultures, for our children’s sake. Making sure our children learn the Korean language and etiquette, while also having pride in their African roots and traditions.

How does religion play a role in your marriage?

Our faith in God has been the foundation of our relationship. No matter how difficult we are with each other, we go to the same God for guidance and answers, so there is peace in knowing that we are on the same team.

Alena Maze and Joe Lee

When you step out of the house together, do people stop and stare? Or has it become a norm in your community to see interracial couples/marriages?

No, no one stares but people always seem to think that we aren’t a couple. If we walk in a store together, they would ask us individually the same question assuming that we are separate customers. This happens often when we dine at restaurants as well. When we are at the Korean grocery store, people seem to be more intrigued and stop us to ask questions.

In our community, there are a lot of interracial relationships, but a black woman with a Korean guy is extremely rare.

Joe: I don’t know any of my Korean friends who have dated a black woman.

Alena: I don’t have any black friends who have dated a Korean guy.

What are some of the reactions you get from your followers?

Joe: They’re mostly positive. Most seem to be surprised to see a Korean guy marry a black woman with four children, but I’m surprised a black woman with four children married me- a single Korean guy with no experience running a family. Some of our followers say that our marriage will fail because we are too different as we show how our differences cause friction, but I think that most of our followers admire our raw and honest expression on relationship and marriage.

Alena, do you speak Korean?

Not really, but Joe speaks Korean to our youngest children so I’ve picked up a few phrases.

What has marriage life taught you?

Joe: Marriage life has humbled me so much. I’ve had a lot of dating experience, but it’s nothing like marriage. Dating in my opinion, is just a self-satisfying phase to find out if this is a compatible person. A Christian marriage on the otherhand demands purpose. It is living out the union as a display of God’s love towards us. It’s no longer about what we want in a mate, but about us coming together to amplify our effectiveness in order to further God’s Kingdom. With that mentality, I’ve recognized how unaligned I was with God, as I was really only serving myself. It’s matured my faith and kept me accountable as I have a person to constantly remind me that if we aren’t doing well, then our faith isn’t doing well.

Alena: It’s teaching me how to submit, sacrifice, and be silent.

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  1. This article is very well put together and I love this couple. I pray that their cinevlogs become overwhelmingly popular that God blesses their family abundantly. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love this story. You guys really are my role models and I hope I find that relationship that is found on faith, love, family. Congrats to you both.

  3. I love this family, their honesty, and their commitment to God and each other. I so glad you wrote this story. It is intriguing to hear about black women opening up to date outside of their race. Maybe a few more of us with open up our options.

  4. I accidentally came across your videos on YouTube while watching Steve Harvey. It was when you found out that you were having your fifth child. The jugmental side came up and I had to ask God for forgiveness. I carried on watching and at times I felt sorry you Joe then I felt sorry for you Alena. I now see the love in your eyes for each other. As much as I would like fund your cause I unfortunately cannot. I am now unemployed. But I think that sharing your lives with the world has opened a lot of people’s eyes the sanctity of marriage. Your love and commitment to each other is just beautiful to watch. Your love for the word and sharing worship with your family is awesome. Love has no color. I will remember you all in my prayers. Thank you for sharing you life with a world that needs help. Your honesty as you show the world ‘look marriage isn’t easy but we are willing to learn ‘ attitude is humbling. Thank you

  5. Je n’ai pas la possibilité de faire un don actuellement. Mais je veux vous remercier pour le bonheur qui transpire de votre relation et de l’amour familiale qui vous uni. J’aspire à vivre le même par la grâce divine. En vous voyant évoluer je crois en DIEU et en sa clairvoyance un peu plus. Merci

  6. I hail you my brethren. The Lord God Almighty you serve, will surely carry you through in Jesus Name. Do not give up on your faith. Always remember to look up to him whenever you face challenges. He is a very present help in troubles. He will not let you fail in your journey as you carry along the family he has committed into your hands.

  7. Wow!! Amazing. I really love how God is the centre of their marriage. Hardly do you see such videos on YouTube. As a Christian, discovering them is such a joy.

  8. God bless you! Your family are a great example of God’s living love, I wish you always remain together. Blessings all over

  9. Really good interview. I love you guys an I’m praying for you and your Family. My husband is Italian and I am Black. Bended Family he has 5 and I have 4.We married with 5 between ages 6 and 14. The youngest is now 18. Our Foundation was and is our Faith in Jesus.and living out Biblical principles. God First Always!

  10. I just started watching mazelee because my daughter encourages me, she’s intrigued with Korean culture . I adore your show and look forward on sundays and Wednesday’s Joe you are a man in the fullest sense of the word, keep doing what you are doing, so proud of you.. and Alena I love your strength, you’re beautiful…

  11. OMG I love this couple and the children. I am from Malaysia and it is multi cultural country and I do see a lot of multi cultural marriages.
    I am a big fan of Korean dramas, I can sit the whole day in front of the TV and watch the dramas. The best part is you get English subtitles.
    Joe you are an awesome dad and husband. I can feel the love everyone have. Every time I watch the show on YouTube I will be hoping it will
    go on and on. It is a rare combination but the most important thing in a relationship is, trust, understanding and LOVE.
    Wishing Alena and Joe a very blessed married life and all the best. Please overcome all hurdles and test from GOD.
    Hoping to watch more of your videos.
    GOD bless

  12. This is so wonderful. I see myself in Alena. I like how she is confident and does not feel she has to make herself good enough for her husband. I believe that God brought them together even with all their faults, so that through them we could see, God’s love and beauty and purpose. I started watching their channel and it seems I can’t get enough. We need more people in the world like Alena and Joe.

  13. I absolutely love this union. They have helped to show how nonsensical racism is. We are all just one human family and I love to see people of different culture uniting and doing things together when bigotry cause so much pain, suffering and even death. Is it 2 or 4 of Alena’s children are by different fathers? It doesn’t really bother me, as long as Joe is able to take on the responsibility of such a unique family. He has shown enormous courage and strength of character. “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone…;” they are not hurting anyone! People in society focus far too much on what people do in their personal lives rather than evil being committed daily around us, mostly by people who are in positions of authority or the corporate world. I love them both very much and wish them a happy and successful marriage with all their lovely children.

  14. I love your whole family immensely! I get a fuzzy-feel-good, when I open your channel. I really love that you’re Christians. Can’t wait until the 7th baby is born!

  15. I have never dated Asian. I love this family. I have learned so much from them. I admire the way that they get along. I stumbled up on them one day and have been watching them ever since. I feel like a youtube grandmother. Joe is a great husband and Alena is a great mother. I think they love each other. I pray for them. More young couples should watch and learn from them.

  16. Well it’s the 21st century and times sure has changed a lot. I love ❤️ this couple they make it work. The fact he’s Korean marrying a black woman not just black but has four kids from a previous relationship is amazing. I guessed they were destined to be with each other since their HD days. But they weren’t @ that place with each
    Other because let’s face it there’s college and jobs money
    To built a life together let alone a family together. I’m surprised Oprah Winfrey did not invite your big family to her show. I think 🤔 it’s a cute move because more viewers will know more about your story. Good luck to both of U..PS your children with asian fusion are soooo cute🤗. Yes all your girls are beautiful I mean gorgeous now they’re older don’t get me wrong but your Korean kids are beautiful as well😀. Best of luck to the Lee family. Take care..

  17. I love the video married and divorced in a week at 13:09 in the video the so called Christian insults white people and then goes on to specify Italians and their food wonderful couple lol

  18. Love ur kids Alena u r da living American house character and I love u .u got urself a good husband dea ,appreciate him.
    Mi only worry is u ,Alena losing ur passion, all for ur kids ,I hope u don’t give up ur mathematics ,don’t give up on urself plse .I love ur children akyla, amyla BT mostly ajoui cause shes so cute .anyways keep submitting baby ! cause we have to feed thy man’s ergo if we want peace and prosperity of our families.
    Much love from east Africa

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