#FreeBlackGirl: ‘Evelyn From The Internets’ Is Funny, Witty, And Exactly What We Need

Evelyn From The Internets

There’s something about Evelyn Ngugi.  Sure, comediennes on Youtube come a dime a dozen, but the Austin, TX based vlogger better known on the web as “Evelyn From The Internets” offers witty comedic skits that are undeniably fresh and hilariously funny.  She’s taken on topics like BuzzFeed’s highly controversial video, “27 Questions Black People Have For Black People.”  Her review of Beyonce’s Lemonade quickly became a fan favorite, and she shows even more range when she takes on random topics like how she can’t keep her car clean.

The right people are taking note of the former reporter turned social media marketer and video producer.  Besides having over 60,000 followers on Youtube and Facebook, Beyonce recently played Ngugi’s video on the jumbotron during one of her recent concerts.

We caught up with Evelyn From The Internets to find out how she felt about Beyonce’s support, how she creates her content, and where she plans to go with it.



How did it feel to see yourself on the big screen at Beyonce’s concert?

It felt surreal! When you make internet videos there’s a certain detachment or distance you feel from the real world or any real impact it has. Until someone messages me or tells me in person, I don’t truly understand or feel that my videos do anything for anybody. This was the biggest slap upside the face hahahaha. Bey is watching!


When did you discover you had a knack for comedy?

I have just enough twentysomething self-loathing to grimace at this question. Honestly, I can sit in a quiet room alone and crack myself up. So I have to think I’m funny before anyone else can. The positive response to my videos is the only cosign I have that I’m funny to anyone else but myself.

How do you choose the topics you make videos about?
I enjoy storytelling.

Whatever personal story is on my spirit turns into a video.

Describe a day (or days) in your life when it comes to creating content for your channel.

My best ideas happen when I’m just about to fall asleep. Disrespectful, right? That’s step one. Step two is find time to film since YouTube is a glorified hobby at best. Ya girl works a full-time job! The rest, I detailed in this video.

What were you doing right before you became Evelyn From The Internets?

I’ve had a YouTube channel since I was around 19 so before that I was focused on graduating high school probably, ha!

vedaday8thumbYou’ve pretty much become a sensation online. How does that feel?

Sensation – such a strong word! I’m definitely still reserved to a very small pocket of the web.

Something folks have to remember about YouTubers or online content creators — we don’t actually know who our viewers are. I don’t know what they sound like, or even look like a lot of the time. So when I get a chance to meet someone in real life??? Or they send me a video message or something it gives me LIFE!!! It energizes me. It’s shocking and overwhelming and never gets old. It’s a privilege really, to have the ability to brighten someone’s day if only for 5 minutes in a YouTube video. Blows my mind.

Your response to BuzzFeed’s highly controversial video, “27 Questions Black People Have For Black People” was funny, witty, and everything we needed to hear in response. What was your thought process behind that one?

Thank you!! Honestly? I usually try not to do response videos because you can get sucked into always “clapping back”. Clap Back Content is exhausting. I’m all #TeamBlackJoy2k16, know what I mean? But I was doing VEDA (Vlog Every Day in April) so I only had a few minutes every day to think of a video idea so I could film/edit/publish it with the little time I have left after work. Buzzfeed’s video fell into my lap. Too easy! This had to be parody, I thought. But it wasn’t. And here we are… I just jotted down a few questions that I thought “fit” with their terrible video.


What are your favorite Evelyn From The Internets videos?

Fun fact! Once I publish a video, it’s dead to me. I don’t watch my own videos. The ones I had the most fun making recently were my Lemonade Review and Prince Eulogy. No script, just blessed ridiculousness.


Who are your comedic sheros and heros?

Regina King, Tichina Arnold, Debra Wilson, Erika Alexander as Maxine Shaw Attorney At Law! #MagicalBlackGirls


How do you feel about black women in comedy and the lack of diversity in the mainstream?

Meh…sometimes I’m on my Toni Morrison:

“The function, the very serious function of racism, is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being.”

I’m a child of the Internet where all things are a bit more possible. The mainstream recognizes this. Racial diversity takes time. Lifetimes, even. The only thing we can do is the work. Make noise when we need to. And sometimes leave people to their racist devices and just make bomb content in spite of everything. Rinse and repeat until things get better. Progress!

What’s next?  What do you hope to accomplish from this insanely funny character you’ve created?

I’m a journalist at heart so I want to make documentaries. I have a non-fiction web series, Austin While Black, and enjoy collaborating with other Black women in film and video. My personal YouTube channel will exist as long as I feel it’s the right place to tell my story! The future is anybody’s guess, girl, I’m 25 and in the throes of a quarter life crisis.




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