Why #BlackLivesMatter’s Alicia Garza Won’t Publicly Support Hillary Clinton

Alicia Garza

Melissa Harris-Perry sat down with Black Lives matter Founder, Alicia Garza to discuss shoes, social justice, and the upcoming election.  She asked her flat out if she would put support Hilary Clinton in her bid for the presidency.  Watch the interview and read on to find out why she won’t and what she thinks should happen if Trump becomes president:


I heard you publicly say that you voted for Bernie Sanders in the California Primary. Now that he’s out of the race, it is going to be Trump or Clinton. Will you support Clinton? 

Publicly? Absolutely not. You know, I think one of the things that I have been struggling with in this electoral cycle is that our choices are not great. And I don’t mean idyllic great, but like, really not great. In my state, demographics are changing rapidly. In my state, we do have to have honest conversations about inequality, about race, and neither candidate is doing that. …  I lived through the Clinton years. Incarceration through the roof, the demonization of poor black women, the unraveling of the social safety [net]. … Even though white women actually took advantage of government assistance and whatnot, so then black women were deemed the Cadillac driven’, hair in rollers, bon-bon eatin’ women with eight kids. And I know sometimes people give a lot of criticism like, well, that was Hillary’s husband’s policies and I am like no, no it’s not like she was sipping tea! She was also campaigning on those policies.

If Donald Trump is elected, what do you think is going to happens to the movement for black lives then? 

Hopefully what happens is that it gets stronger, and it starts to get more strategic.

Here’s my last question. If Donald Trump wins the American presidency, what shoes are you going to wear for the inauguration?

Running shoes! Our job is to keep our communities engaged, and keep our communities mobilized. And the running shoes would really be for: We got to get movin,’ we have a lot of work to do. What are we going to do to make sure our democracy changes? How are we going to be fighting back under a Trump presidency? And then, who are we going to be running to take power?

Read the full interview on ELLE.com.

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