Real Beauty Moment {London}: I Love Being A Black Girl In London

Real Beauty Moment

I love being a black girl in London. My family is from Jamaica. I was born in Jamaica but I was raised here.  I think we all come together. You don’t don’t feel isolated. Everyone is a mixture together. London is really diverse. You don’t really feel left out when you go to places like Shoreditch. London is diverse and everyone comes together. Especially young people.

Racism in London

I have only once experienced racism in London. I was with my mom in a cab. They were all looking at us, giving us dirty looks and then they said something. We weren’t the only black people there. It was me and my mom and some other black people. That was the only time and it was quite shocking because I’ve never experienced it before.

My Goals

I’m currently at Uni (University). I’m studying fashion media and promotion. The path I want to go into is art direction. I’ve also created a magazine, so maybe I want to do more of that and work with visuals and creativity. I love digital media and graphics so I definitely want to get into that more.

Shenell Poorman, 20, IG: cchnls

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