Boston Fashion Week Real Beauty Moment: I Turned My Dream Into A Reality

Designer Liz Ngu at the 2016 Boston Fashion Week

I opened in March 2013 and I do this full time. At the fashion show I brought out a lot of sunglasses and a lot of beautiful rings and earrings, necklaces, everything that you need to complete your outfit. I knew I always wanted to have my own business and I was going to business school and I thought why not just jump right in. When I was a little kid I always imagined having a huge department store with my name in lights. That’s the dream and this is the starting point.

Necklace by Ngu

What Inspires Me

I’m inspired by what’s trending right now. I’ll go through magazines, blogs, whatever I can get my hands on. Whatever inspires me I jot it down real quick.

This is the time to be a black woman in business. For me personally, I’ve been meeting a lot of black women in businesses like myself and it’s definitely inspiring to see other women chasing their dreams, and it makes me feel like I’m not crazy because there are other women on the same path.

Diamond necklace by Ngu









Necklaces by Ngu

Standing out from the crowd

I think what makes me different is my drive, my ambition and my business. My business targets every female, not just a specific person. For example, there are high-end pieces and then candy jewelry where it’s more colorful. I try to make it a range from high school to grown women.

Everything is so affordable and that’s the goal. We want every girl to feel like they can shop here and can look as amazing as the next person.

Designer Liz Ngu

It’s been a learning process. It’s hard for me to say that I’m a designer, but I am. I learn everyday as I go. Just because I know how to make necklaces today I don’t plan on stopping there, I plan on making other things. I’ve been pretty rebellious my whole life and I’m not going to quit. 

-Liz Ngu

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