Black Adventuristas Founder Veronica Garnett Shares 5 Outdoor Adventures You Should Try This Fall


It’s officially fall so for those who live in colder States, doing fun and adventurous things outdoors becomes more of a chore.  But that doesn’t have to be the case if you choose the right activities.  We caught up with Veronica Garnett, Founder of Black Adventuristas to get her expert take on the top five outdoor adventure activities that are perfect for the season.

Hiking view, Harriman State Park, Upstate New York

1. Hiking

Hiking is one of my favorite adventure activities. I live in New Jersey so I’ve done hikes here and in Upstate New York and also Massachusetts. It’s a beautiful time of year because you have the fall foliage and the changing of the colors, it’s not too hot, it’s not too cold and there’s not as many bugs flying around. It’s the perfect weather to be out in nature.

A good place to go hiking Harriman State Park in upstate New York. They have beautiful waterfalls. I’ve gone on simple hikes in New Jersey. There’s one that’s a good view. It’s like a three mile hike. It’s very easy for a beginner hiker.  It’s called Eagle Rock Reservation. There’s a lookout point where you can see the New York City skyline.

Veronica having a great itme horseback riding

2.Horseback riding

I think the first time I ever went horseback riding was in October/November and it was perfect because you have the Fall foliage, once again, it’s not too hot and not too cold. You can be fashionable and wear the riding pants and boots and a cool jacket. Fall is one of my favorite seasons for fashion so that’s one of the upsides.  You can be cute and adventurous at the same time.

Biker Dereka Hendon along with fellow bikers

3. Biking

Adventure cycling is actually a thing. that is traveling via bike. This is a good opportunity too because of the weather not being so hot and so cold, so you can travel [comfortably]. If you’re in the North East like I am you can go state to state.

When I was a kid my aunt lived in western Massachusetts and we used to go practically every weekend in the summer and also some weekends in the fall, we would go up to visit her. There was this bike trail that covered western Mass and went through several different towns. So my sister and I used to ride bikes and stop along the trail and there were bike shops and a place to stop to get ice cream, and a place to go eat, or several places to go eat, so it was nice to travel from town to town via bike. It’s also beautiful in Western Mass, especially in the fall, I guess because it’s cooler.

Veronica at the Aranui Cave in New Zealand

4. Spelunking and caving

I recently went to New Zealand and it was in July for my birthday, but it’s winter there when it’s summer time in the United States. In Auckland, the north island, the winter felt like a really good fall day in New York City or New Jersey. So I went spelunking and caving—exploring caves the Waitomo caves in New Zealand. I just had on a sweater with a hoodie and it was the perfect weather to explore the caves.

New Zealand Cave

Where I went was kind of touristy so it’s not as rigorous as actual spelunking. They have steps to go down and hand rails, and a kind of carved out path for people. But spelunking is the traditional term for caving, like when people were exploring caves before it became touristy.

5. Haunted House

If you really want a thrill, a haunted house is pretty adventurous. For Black Adventuristas I’m planning an adventure meet up at a haunted house here in New Jersey. I normally don’t like things like that, but I have to be a fearless leader and conquer my own fears and do things that I don’t particularly like [laughs]. I know nothing bad is going to happen. If you really like a thrill, a haunted house could be fun.

Bonus: Apple and pumpkin picking and wine and cider tasting, are good activities to add to any of the other activities. So after you’ve gone hiking or you’ve gone horseback riding, or biking from town to town, you can stop at a vineyard and try some wine or pick some apples or pumpkins. It’s a nice activity to add on if you’re done early.


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