#Sentimental: Designer Farai Simoyi Steps Into Her Grandmother’s Shoes To Embody Her Greatness

Imagine having a piece from your amazing grandmother that allows you to embody her greatness.  She’s raised your mother or father, and she’s walked the earth during times we can only begin to imagine.

Find out how Farai Simoyi is stepping into her grandmother’s shoes literally and figuratively.



Who: Farai Simoyi, designer and founder of LoveFarai.com.


What: Black canvas shoes


The Sentiment: I’m wearing my grandmother’s shoes.  My grandma has this style—she wears these black shoes and long dresses ever since I’ve been born and I’m 33-years-old now. It’s funny because it’s sort of like this hipster look going on but she’s had this look forever and for her it’s comfort and it’s easy.

When I was in Zimbabwe this summer she had like a row of them and I was like, I’m just going to take these. We’re the same shoe size, she’s never going to know they’re gone. But it was funny because right before I left I told her I was taking them and she got mad at me and I just kissed her and ran off. It was cute.

It’s the one thing I have of hers and it’s her style and she’s getting older now and I’ll just know I’ll always have that. I can never let go of these ever. When I’m wearing them I feel like I embody her. She’s a strong woman, she raised 10 children in a rural area in Zimbabwe. She did most of it alone because her husband passed away early on. So actually never got to meet my grandfather. She’s just a strong woman, so when I wear them I feel empowered, I feel good, I feel comfortable, and that’s everything that she is.


For our “Sentimental” series we photograph women we admire wearing something sentimental to them. 

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