#Sentimental: Accessories Designer Alita Daniels Celebrates The Shawl She Wore To Her Courthouse Wedding

Some of the greatest love stories involve two people who love each other enough to simply choose one another regardless of material wealth.  A tiny token is sometimes enough to become the symbol of such a union.  Silly Simone Accessories creator Alita Daniels shares how her fur shawl is a constant reminder of her journey with her husband.


Who: Alita Daniels, Owner/Creator of Silly Simone Accessories




What: A beautiful brown fur shawl


The sentiment: I’ve worn this fur shawl every year when my hubby and I go out to celebrate our anniversary. This year will make four years in December. I started that tradition because it helps me realize how far we’ve come. We’ve been together off and on for a total of 16 years, maybe more, but when we got married neither of us had much money.  We didn’t have a wedding but we dressed nicely and went to the court house. I found the fur shawl earlier in the week and someone gave me a great deal on it. Also my mom wore a fur the day she and my dad married and that’s what makes this piece so sentimental to me.

For our “Sentimental” series we photograph women we admire wearing something sentimental to them. 

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