Our Favorite Black Beauty Moments of 2016 – Part 4, #BeyondStandards

This year we saw several creatives take a stand against society’s beauty standards, appropriation, racism, and anti feminist rhetoric and ideals.  Check out our list of our favorite #BeyondStandards beauty moments of 2016.

“Erosion,” by Imani Diltz


College freshman Imani Diltz was given an assignment to explore the seven deadly sins.  For her series titled, Erosion, she chose lust in the form of the appropriation of a black woman’s natural features such as big lips, large butts, dark skin, and hairstyles–all things deemed unattractive unless a white woman adopts them.


“There are these blatant robberies of culture that are taken and made trendy and conglomerated by white society,” Diltz, who was the model for this project, told The Huffington Post. She pointed to celebrities like the Kardashian sisters as culprits. “[It’s] something that I was really fed up with.” 


“Gorda Flor,” by

Gorda Flor1

El Salvador-based photographer Helen Mozão made quite a statement with her photo series titled Gorda Flor.  The term “gorda” translates as fat woman in Spanish and Portuguese, while “flor” means flower.  Her goal was to celebrate the beauty of plus sized black women.


Gorda Flor 5Gorda Flor5


Gorda Flor10

Beautiful work!


“I Am Woman” by Christy Marie


I Am Woman1

In today’s society women are expected to be many things: delicate, silent, wife material, and modest–often times against our own will.  Tampa, Florida based photographer Christy Marie explored this issue in a captivating photo series titled, “I Am Woman.”

I Am Woman 3

“I wanted to show anxiety, pain and fear of what it’s like when all these people are tugging away at your sanity,  telling you what you should and shouldn’t be in life and what it means to be successful as a woman,” Marie told BeyondClassicallyBeautiful.com.

I Am Woman2

I Am Woman5

Message received!


Pretty Lips Period


Remember when M.A.C. posted the above photo on their Instagram page and an onslaught of racists comments about black lips followed?  It was crazy, but Yaba Blay of Pretty Period sprang into action with a brilliant response titled, #PrettyLipsPeriod.  She encouraged black women on Instagram to post photos of themselves showing off their gorgeous pouts using the hashtag.  It was an epic response to yet another attack on black beauty.  Don’t get us started, right??!!


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