Arlean Gillin Says Her Line Of Butters, Scrubs, and Balms Can Heal The Roughest Skin

We’re still in countdown mode for our Meditation to Wellness event with just four days away from our kick-off of the 3-part series on breath work and meditation!  If you haven’t purchased your ticket for Sunday, January 15th, head over to  to reserve your spot! 

Yesterday we introduced you to one of our sponsors who will provide goodies for our swag bag, which will be filled with amazing products from several black owned businesses.

Today we introduce you to Arlean Gillin, the owner of Nina’s Bowl of Sugar.  The Jamaica born Queens bred entrepreneur got her start in retail sales, management, and Real Estate.  Eventually she took those skills and used them to start her own company.

We caught up with Gillin to find out what inspired her to start the company and how she came up with the name, Nina’s Bowl of Sugar.

What inspired you to start Nina’s Bowl of Sugar?

Around 5 years ago, I came down with a horrible case of Eczema, that covered my entire body.  Store bought lotions and creams no longer became an option. I started researching natural ways  to help heal my skin.
By this time, I already went from just plain Shea butter  to whipping it for a smoother texture an easier application. While Shea butter alone is great, it’s boring.
More research lead me to a combination of various butters and oils blended with simple light scents.
The name, Nina’s Bowl of Sugar came from my LOVE of Nina Simone, and one of my favorite songs of hers I Want a Little Sugar In My Bowl (I’m singing as I wrote that!)


Tell us a bit about your products.

Right now I have evolved into butters,  scrubs and most recently men’s beard balms.
The butters all have the same base, and I have four signature scents, Monoi, Gingerlime, Coffee and Peppermint.
The scrubs come in either Coffee, Salt or a Cubed sugar  base with varying scents.
The beard balm, again, same base scented with either Gingerherb or Sandalwood.
I honestly love my  butters simply because it really works. I love the way my skin feels after putting it on. It melts in without being greasy, keeping my skin moisturized.
The coffee scrub is the perfect compliment. Caffeine already being great for your skin to stimulate blood flow, also helps to tighten and can reduce cellulite, the other oils I mix in and scents add to the experience. You will notice an immediate difference in your skin.


What has been the most rewarding thing about starting your business?

The most rewarding part of starting my business  is talking to people about skin and the issues we all can suffer from. I love it when people tell me how great my products are. It’s been a labor of love and I am just really proud of it.


Where can people purchase Nina’s Bowl of Sugar products?

Right now, anyone can go to Shirley & Alice Vintage in Brooklyn, or online at


Be sure to purchase your ticket for the event over at to secure your spot and your goodie bag, which will contain an amazing product Nina’s Bowl of Sugar!


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