Artist Spotlight: Poema Jones

We love how social media has made it easier to find talented black women visual artists.  BCB has featured several in the past in different ways.  For our Artist Spotlight series, we will introduce you to black women artists who are simply undeniable talents.

Artist: Poema Jones

Origin: South America, Suriname

Base: Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Style: Visual, multi disciplinary artist

Mediums: Paint, murals, illustrations, design

In her words:

I started painting about 2 years ago.  I’m self taught. I found a canvas on the side of the road, took it home and I started  painting. I posted my first painting on Facebook and someone said it looked like a alien on crack.  After i finished crying, I decided that I’m gonna paint black martians.

I started illustrating like 6 months ago. I wanted to be more detailed in my work and illustrating gave me that.  My aim with my work is to not only centre Afro people but also bring into focus our beauty, triumphs, and romanticism.


See more of Poema’s work

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