Yoga Instructor Latarria Whitehead Breaks Down Her Weekly Reflections

So often, you hear people say “You Learn Something New Everyday”. I’ve found myself repeating on more than one occasion this same saying. But how many people really take the time to reflect on the one or many things they (myself included) actually learned that day, or in any isolated moment?

I began documenting my reflections daily after realizing I wanted to be more intentional in retaining the things I learned or am continuing to learn daily. It’s easy to get caught up in the matrix, moving, and doing constantly, however this was yet another way for me to slow down. Every second, every minute of everyday we are bombarded with contrast, conflicts and conditions. At the same time we’re equally bombarded with insight, knowledge and new information, that can only be taken advantage of if we’re in the receptive mode.  Be it on a large or small scale, everyday I expect to learn something new. I like to start my day off, intentionally opening myself up to receive. No limits.

This exercise was less about setting an intention daily, which I believe is a very powerful and constructive practice to have, but more about being intentional with deliberately reflecting and documenting something I learned or am learning throughout the 24 hours I’m spared each day.

For me when I acquire new information that I actually want to implement and make practical use of in my day to day, it’s key for me to:


  • Write it down
  • Repeat out loud
  • Meditate on it
  • And/Or share with someone in order for it to be deeply embedded in my psyche

Otherwise it can easily become yet another fleeting thing or thought. Writing things down, allows me to come back to it, refresh and remind myself as often as I need to.

I’d like to think It’s the same concept as taking notes in school to retain information, only it’s the culmination of ALL of life’s happenings, lessons, and mundane activities that happens daily.


Day 1 of 28: Remembering everyday is an opportunity to learn something new.

Day 2 of 28: Learning more and more, that in order to grow and expand there must always be an ongoing conversation.

Day 3 of 28: Using my resources…

Day 4 of 28: Asking for what I want and being very specific.

Day 5 of 28: Accepting what is…changing what I can

Day 6 of 28: Relaxing into each breath. Overthinking kills slow…

Day 7 of 28: Exercises patience while being mindful of existing pressure points.


Stay tuned!

Love and Light


Latarria Whitehead
Latarria Whitehead


I'm Latarria, Coyia refers to my middle name if you were wondering. I write, I travel and I explore on all physical planes. I am a certified yoga instructor; a practice I began a few years ago to supplement my journey through healing and a deeper spiritual experience.

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