This IG Page Dedicated to Afro-Latinos in San Juan Is Everything!

Though Latinas come in all shades, many Afro Latinas who have darker skin still find themselves having to prove their Latin roots.  Valerie Moreno recognizes this and decided to take action.  Moreno is working to showcase the diverse beauty of Latinas in San Juan, Puerto Rice through a photo project showcased on her Instagram page, Afros In San Juan. 

“I try to be kind and stay open in order to learn about how my other brown sisters live their lives and how I can better portray their beauty,” Moreno told #IAmEnough. “It’s not only about the photograph, it’s caring about their stories. Stories about overcoming pressures from society and even those closest to them, pushing them to straighten or relax their natural curls. Each photo is an expression of acceptance of who they are and victory over systematic attempts to make their ‘natural’ = something that needs to be fixed.”

Check out more of  the stunning photos from the page below.



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