{Featured} Here’s What You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is no new phenomenon, yet still there’s a certain amount of mystery about the procedure. Does it work on all areas of the body? Can everyone have it done? What are the risks and costs?

If you’re considering trying laser hair removal and you have any of these questions, here are the facts.

One of the many benefits of getting rid of unwanted hairs through laser hair removal is that you would likely achieve hair-free skin for longer periods of time.

When you shave unwanted body hair it tends to come back a few days later. Even when you wax it can return after a week or two. But using laser hair loss machines to get rid of unwanted hair can remove the hair for up to six weeks depending on the area and the severity of your issue. Although, it may take multiple treatments to see those kinds of results.

Most Lasers Target Dark Hairs, So Black Women Beware

It’s common knowledge in the skincare world that most lasers are calibrated to target dark pigments. To put it another way, the lasers look for dark areas against a light background (skin). That means women of color have to be extra careful on who performs the procedure. Make sure your dermatologist or technician uses an Nd: YAG laser.

Hair Will Not Fall Out Right After Laser Hair Removal

One huge myth about laser hair removal is that it instantly zaps annoying hairs away. Instead, it actually uses a very specific type of light to weaken and damage hair follicles. But it can take anywhere from ten days or so all the way up to two weeks for the hairs to actually fall out after the procedure. You shouldn’t expect it to instantly zap the hair into oblivion.

Laser Hair Removal Can Be Used For Almost Any Hair Anywhere

Lasers for hair removal are FDA approved and can be used almost anywhere on your body. However, if you have a facial laser treatment, you should wear protective eye coverings. Any reputable clinic should insist on that and supply those eye coverings at the time of your appointment.

Lasers can be used for larger patches of unwanted hair, smaller areas, or even single hairs. There are no limitations on the amount of hair you have to treat. So, you don’t need to avoid treatment just because you feel like you have too few or too many unwanted hairs. The main exception is that lasers are not used to remove hairs inside noses or ears.
Laser Treatments Expenses Can Be Deceptive

A final noteworthy point about laser treatment is that it can be expensive at the time, but those expenses can be deceptive. A series of laser treatments can cause you to permanently have less hair in the treated area, which means that you will have to invest far less money in shaving and waxing supplies. Therefore, you may want to look at the long-term savings while considering the short-term expenses of lasers for removing hair.

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