9 Fierce Cut Crease Eyeshadow Tutorials

Whenever a makeup trend promises to give the illusion of bigger eyes, droves of women become faithful adoptees.  Case in point, the cut crease eye shadow technique.  The look is synonymous with Diana Ross and other popular black women entertainers from the 70s.  In today’s era the look has taken on new meaning as talented Youtubers play with color to achieve the look in the most creative ways.

If you’re not familiar with the cut crease, it’s all about using a lighter color on the lid, then adding depth with darker or more dramatic hues across the crease of the eye.  It’s the one look that doesn’t require your colors to be completely blended since contrast is the name of the game.

Here are a few cut crease looks we found on Youtube that stand out from the countless demonstrations online.

There’s nothing more fun that a glitter cut crease.  Kathryn Bedell’s use of pink is girly and fun enough to rock on an evening out with friends, but sexy enough for a date night.


EyeCandyCandice went for a dramatic cut crease using a beautiful gold glitter on the lid with the stark contrast of black in the crease.  Fierce!



Nellie Robert flipped the script with gold glitter as her stand-out crease color.  The pop of mustard on her lid lined in dark black is pure perfection!



MsAaliyahJay pulled out all the stops with this green glitter cut crease fit for a superhero.  This look is fun, dramatic, artistic, and pure genius.

Bonus: MsAaliyahJay

Here’s a girl who is not afraid to play with color.  Werk!



Lani Feli opted for rose gold on her lid and pretty much slayed.  How gorgeous is this look in contrast with her blond waves?



Uche Natori married several gorgeous colors together to achieve this dramatic look.  We love how it opened up her hooded eyes to perfection.  Beautiful!



With just a touch of teal on the lid, TotallyTara came up with a dramatic yet wearable look.

Bonus: TotallyTara

Let’s just call TotallyTara the cut crease expert.  Her use of color gives this technique new meaning.

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