Danielle Brooks Has A New Clothing Line

Who doesn’t love Danielle Brooks?  She has made it a point in her career to speak up about body positivity and the lack of diverse clothing options available to plus sized women.  She’s taking things a step further with her upcoming collaboration with Universal Standard.

Brooks is offering a three piece collection with the brand called “Tria” which is set to launch in mid-November.


“The reason I chose Universal Standard to be the first company that I design for is because they symbolize the fact that all women, no matter their shape or size, want and deserve to wear beautifully made, fashion forward clothing,” she tells PeopleStyle. “They stand for everything I believe in!”


The concept for the line started with a simple question: “If you could design three pieces that you always wished you had in your closet, but could never find, what would they be?”

What did the Tony Award nominee come up with?

Overalls: “For years I have looked for a pair of overalls that weren’t too baggy in the crotch, that presented some type of wow factor and that weren’t too long in the body,” she explained. “This one will be sure to satisfy every woman who has felt like me.”

An off the shoulder dress: “With this piece, you are able to dress it up, dress it down, wear it off the shoulder, and even rock it as a chic hoodie,” she explains. “It’s what every woman will be looking to wear for fall.”

A poplin dress inspired by her fashion icon: “Too often, I’m not able to wear the cool unique statement pieces that I see because they never run in my size. This piece will have people asking you, ‘excuse me, where did you get that?!’”

We can’t wait to see the full collection.


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