The Latest 2018 Jean Trends Every Woman Can Embrace

Jeans are an item that most women love to wear. Unsurprisingly, every year, designers re-invent this wardrobe staple. Sometimes the changes are subtle, at other times they are a bit more radical.

For 2018, the latter is the case. The shape and look of this year’s A/W jeans is quite a strong departure from what has gone before. Retailers like Simply Be are stocking some great looking jeans that are designed to really shake up your look.


No more skinny jeans

Now, I am not saying the skinny jean trend is dead. It really is not. But, like me, you will notice that most retailers are not stocking as many as they have done before. Instead, they have decided to offer their customers a range of wider leg cuts.


The boot cut is the new go-to cut

A great example of this is boot cut jeans. For years, they have been quite hard to get hold of. Not this year, they are definitely back in fashion.

Boot cut jeans are very stylish. They are also versatile. You can easily dress them up with a smart semi-tailored jacket and a crisp blouse. But, they also look fantastic when worn with a t-shirt or top and a denim jacket. This short article shows you 8 great ways to make the most of your boot cut jeans.


Flares are easing back into style

If you are looking for a more dramatic cut, opt for flares. They are gradually coming back into vogue.


Boyfriend jeans

Not everyone likes the boot-cut or flared look, but they do like the idea of a looser, more comfortable fit. If that is you, try on some of this year’s boyfriend style jeans. These are typically high waisted and fairly loose, so can be quite flattering. However, it is important to bear in mind that they are very much a casual style of jean. They look best paired with sweats, t-shirts or semi-tailored blouses.


Straight-cut jeans

If you are looking for a pair of jeans that you can easily pair with a blazer or semi-fitted style of jacket, go for a straight-legged pair. It is a cut that works for most body types.


Longer cuts

The current trend is for longer jeans. Instead of finishing mid-ankle a lot of the boot cut and flared jeans actually finish mid-heel. This is a great way to create the illusion that your legs are longer than they actually are.

However, you have to be careful to wear the right footwear when you go shopping. If you normally wear mid-height ankle boots, you do not want to be wearing high-heel shoes when you are trying on new jeans.


Stylish denim inspiration

If you are still not convinced that denim is for you, take a look at this post I wrote a while back. It demonstrates that this wonderful fabric is good for far more than just jeans and jackets. Increasingly designers are using it to create interesting, even radical, items of clothing. I promise you when you have read this you will see denim in a whole new light and be inspired to wear more of it.


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