New Masterclass by Abi Ishola

How to create viral ad campaigns to increase your sales organically, gain more publicity, and build a loyal fan base!

Sell your merch, get some press, and create visibility through thoughtful brand messaging that resonates. I did it! You can too.

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You’ll Learn:

*How to get the press interested (or maybe even involved) in your campaign whether you reach out to them or not

*How to keep costs down for your campaign

*How to identify the most desirable aspect of your brand to create a visual ad campaign that RESONATES!

*How to find the right collaborators

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Abi Ishola is the founder and creator of Beyond Classically Beautiful, an acclaimed photo series that celebrates Black women who defy traditional beauty standards. Essence Magazine named Ishola among its Woke 100 Women for the launch of the campaign.  She also received glowing press from ELLE, AskMen, HuffPost, PopSugar,, FOX Philly, and several other major publications. Because of BCB’s success, Ishola was able to sell out multiple orders of apparel and establish a blog partnership with The Huffington Post. Ishola later carried on the BCB mission by creating Body Noire, another successful viral series that celebrates Black female bodies. Ishola is eager to help other beauty and lifestyle brands increase their sales and notoriety through her latest endeavor: “Amplify Your Brand,” a 4-week long course through which she will share the secrets to creating impactful visuals with a limited budget.