Defining Your Sexy

When you’re looking for a sexy dress to compliment your frame, what’s at the top of your list? Could it be a plunging neckline, a complete bare back with the peek-a-boo of a diamond encrusted g-string a la Beyonce, or a short cocktail dress that’ll show off your beautiful legs?  Either way, defining what’s sexy to you can be an experience of trial and error, or complete empowerment.  Here’s a quick guide to help you define what works best for you.

Confidence Over Everything

It’s safe to say we’ve all seen a woman out and about, visibly uncomfortable in stilettos.  We might even know the sistah who is constantly tugging away at a too-tight pencil skirt. 

The key to defining your sexy and what garments allow you to channel that energy is finding what makes you feel most confident.  What use is it to follow trends if you aren’t comfortable in a certain look? 

Trial and Error

If you try a look that ends up making you feel doubty and the complete opposite of sexy, don’t be afraid to donate it or resell it. You deserve better.

Accentuate Your Best Assets

It’s your body, so you get to choose what you love about it.  The key to feeling your best is taking that part of you and enhancing it the way you see fit.  If baring cleavage ain’t for you, then leave that to the women who want to.  If you’re in love with the sag of your breasts and aren’t afraid of a little side boob, take that plunging one piece swimsuit on your next vacay and flex in it sis!


Sheer tops are having their moment this year.  Pair one with a great jacket, or wear a plain strappy top underneath.  Remember that sexy dresses are not the be-all and end-all of looking sexy. There are several routes to finding your ideal look.  Have fun on your way to discovering what you love.

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