Get Sexy This Season With Goth Harness and Cage Bras by Cradle of Goth

It’s no secret that clothing and fashion items should be tailor-made for different tastes and preferences. This is perhaps the biggest selling point of shops like Cradle of Goth, which were specifically setup to meet this unique need. Cradle of Goth was established to eliminate the necessity of looking for the highest quality Goth fashion items at affordable prices. Instead, they created a repository of items like the Goth harness and cage bras by cradle of goth which have already been selected and assorted to meet targeted needs of consumers.

What is Gothic Fashion?

The Goth fashion niche has been on a steady rise in the last couple of years. Since this industry is not that saturated with products, shops had to spend lots of time researching and sourcing for items sometimes from as far as China. Cradle of Goth solves this problem by providing Goth enthusiasts with a one-stop shop from where they can get all their Goth fashion accessories quickly– and at affordable prices.

If you are new to this niche, gothic fashion refers to a fashion style that is mysterious, dark, antiquated and has lots of homogenous features. A typical gothic fashionista will be adorned in a long black dress with her hair colored black, black lipstick, and black nail polish. The male gothic enthusiasts also wear dark eyeliners just like the ladies. Gothic styles borrow heavily from Victorians, punk, and Elizabethans. Even though they look alike in some cases, gothic fashion is not and should therefore not be confused with heavy metal or emo fashion. 

Who are the Goth harness and cage bras by Cradle of Goth for?

The ladies who are into gothic fashion will naturally find this gothic harness together with the cage bras delightful. The two are a perfect combination of the fashion accessories that will help any lady feel and look as sexy. What makes the caged bras such a steal is the fact that they are so contemporary and never run out of style. They also complement any body size and shape and can, therefore, transform any dress into breathtaking wear. 

If you want to feel like a character that has walked straight out of 50 shades of grey, then the cradle of Goth harness is the accessory you must have. Not only is it versatile and vibrant but it is rightfully described by experts as the chameleon of the lingerie niche. That’s because it can be so many different things to so many different people. The bras and harnesses are made from dark faux leather, spandex, satin, and polyester and to top it off, they have that eerie drop of vampire blood that every gothic fan loves.

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