Great Gift Ideas For Special Occasions

Christmas is over, so that means, down with the decorations and down with the tree. From here on, it’s back to work and back to reality.  For some, that could prove to be boring, but January doesn’t have to be such an anti-climax.  If you’re a fan of the side of life that’s “all things nice,” you’re probably looking on towards the next day of celebration on the calendar. Whether it’s January birthdays or the excitement of spending February 14th with your special someone, gift giving is never too far away.  Here are some suggestions to get you back in full swing:

Let’s start with something shiny…

Many people are drawn to shiny things.  With that in mind, consider giving away coins. How about an American gold buffalo coin, or a Chinese silver panda coin, or even a Canadian Maple leaf coin in platinum? Golden Eagle Coins has a great selection. There’s a huge choice of designs on the reverse of these coins, from musical instruments and landscapes to historical figures, cartoon characters, and a range of commemorative themes. Starting a collection also gives you future options when it comes to last minute stocking fillers.

Film and TV Memorabilia

Everybody has a favorite film, even if it’s something obvious like The Shawshank Redemption or The Godfather. Same goes for TV shows (people who don’t tend to rack up many weekly hours in front of the television still admit to being partial to iconic shows like Girlfriends or A Different World. The great thing about this is that memorabilia is easy to come by and is always well received. Start browsing and see if you can find that special something for that special someone.

Experience Days

When people speak of ‘experience days’, some get terrified thinking this only means partaking in extreme activities like bungee jumping. But experience days can be wonderful gifts that aren’t all about finding out how close you can come to your own demise before passing out. There are overnight breaks, lunch cruises, helicopter sight-seeing tours, wine tasting, and much more. If you’re unsure as to which particular experience day your loved one would enjoy most, there are vouchers brochures that give detailed information on each experience.

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