How To Embrace and Feel Confident With Short Natural Hair

Going natural can be approached several different ways but, there are two main methods that most women choose from; transitioning and the big chop. Besides learning how to take care of our natural kinks, we need to learn how to style our newly short style. Transitioning to a new hair style is always challenging but we learn a lot along the way too.

Since the beginning of time, long hair has been regarded as the most feminine and pretty. Even when women started to cut their hair as short as their jawline, long hair was still the prefered style. It’s reasonable to understand that styling your newly short natural hair will require an adjustment and getting used to. While short hair is still stylish and can be rocked by just about anyone, many women feel like they lose their femininity and flexibility after a big chop. Natural curls are difficult enough to learn how to style so short natural hair can feel impossible. However, for many of us, after the big chop, we learn how to embrace our short natural hair and wear it with confidence and a sense of pride.


Change Your Attitude

Before you even start to style your natural hair post big chop, you need to change your attitude towards it. You are not your hair. Whether your hair is long and chemically straightened or short and natural, you are beautiful because of who you are, not because of how your hair is styled. If your confidence doesn’t come from within, it will fizzle out quickly. Love you, regardless of what your hair looks like. For some women, this train of thought will come easily while other women, reasonably so, have associated a large portion of their physical beauty and inner confidence on the type of hair they have. Let that go.

Get To Know Your Curls

Once you’ve mastered developing your inner confidence, take the time to understand your new curls. Caring for a 2 inch mini fro is entirely different from styling longer natural hair. Use a combination of research and hands on learning to figure out the type of products that work well with your curls. You might need heavy oils, light butters, or moisturizing gels. Whatever it may be, choosed the products that are going to help you style and love your hair at any length.

Research Styling Techniques

After gathering your perfect products, take some time to research styles and techniques. When it comes to short natural curls, you want to make sure you have at least 3 go to styles in your arsenal so that you never feel like you are stuck without a way to style your hair. Try out any style that looks like something you will like and choose 3 solid, fool proof looks that will work for you. Accessorize your looks with hair pins, headbands, earrings, and other jewelry. Really experiment and mix it up and you will find styles that you love even if you don’t quite love your short hair yet.

Remember that your short natural hair will grow, if that is your goal. Short hair is what you make of it and can be as beautiful as you want it to be. Enjoy your short natural curls, try new styles, and remember that you are not your hair.

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